1: "Discover 5 herbal teas perfect for instant stress relief. Sip away anxiety and find calmness in just a cup. Start your morning right at 5 AM."

2: "Chamomile tea, a classic choice known for its soothing properties. Savor the delicate flavors and embrace tranquility during your early morning hours."

3: "Lavender tea, a fragrant blend that eases tension and promotes relaxation. Sip its floral goodness at 5 AM to help alleviate stress and start your day refreshed."

4: "Peppermint tea, an invigorating option that awakens your senses and calms your mind. Enjoy the refreshing taste and let go of morning stress as you sip away."

5: "Ginger tea, a warm and spicy brew that aids in reducing stress and boosting energy. Start your day with a zing at 5 AM and conquer your busy schedule."

6: "Lemon balm tea, a citrus-infused delight that promotes calmness, uplifts your mood, and fights stress. Embrace the morning with positivity as you relish this herbal beverage."

7: "Valerian root tea, a powerful relaxant helping you sleep soundly by reducing stress levels. Drift off peacefully after indulging in this herbal concoction before 5 AM."

8: "Passionflower tea, a delicious drink that reduces anxiety, relaxes your mind, and improves sleep quality. Savor its fruity taste before the break of dawn."

9: "Find solace in 5 AM mornings with these herbal teas that provide instant stress relief. Rejuvenate and find inner peace as you embark on a busy day ahead." Note: The content may vary slightly in order to accommodate the maximum word count of 35 per page.