1: Welcome to Budget-Friendly DIY Outdoor Decor Projects! Discover fun ideas to spruce up your outdoor spaces without breaking the bank!

2: Transform your patio with DIY mosaic planters, made using affordable materials and a touch of creativity. Get started today!

3: Create a cozy outdoor retreat with homemade hanging lanterns. Illuminate your evenings in style with these easy and budget-friendly crafts.

4: Upgrade your garden with a DIY vertical herb wall. Grow your favorite herbs and save space by going vertical with this simple project.

5: Add a splash of color to your backyard with repurposed tire planters. Get creative with paint and give old tires new life as unique plant pots.

6: Enhance your outdoor dining experience with a DIY picnic table made from reclaimed wood. Gather friends and family for memorable meals outdoors.

7: Create a charming pathway using homemade stepping stones. Use simple molds and colorful concrete to add a personal touch to your garden.

8: Elevate your outdoor seating with DIY pallet furniture. Build a stylish and comfortable lounge area using recycled pallets and cushions.

9: Beautify your fence with DIY hanging planters made from recycled materials. Brighten up vertical spaces and showcase your favorite plants. Remember, these concise descriptions are meant for a set of Google Web Stories, and each page contains a maximum of 35 words.