1: "Start your smoothie art journey with the freshest ingredients and vibrant fruits. Let the colors bloom!"

2: "Blend your favorite fruits into a smooth, velvety base. Play with flavors to create a delightful taste."

3: "Pour your smoothie masterpiece into a clear glass or a trendy mason jar. Make it visually appealing!"

4: "Express your creativity with unique toppings like fresh berries, chia seeds, or edible flowers."

5: "Grab your trusted tools - a spoon, toothpick, or bamboo skewer. Time to dive into the world of intricate designs!"

6: "Begin by adding small drops of colorful purees onto the smoothie surface. Create fun patterns and shapes."

7: "Use your toothpick or skewer to gently drag through the puree drops, forming beautiful swirls and lines."

8: "Experiment with different techniques: marbling, feathering, or dotting. Let your imagination run wild!"

9: "Snap a picture and share your Instagram-worthy smoothie art with the world. Enjoy the process and inspire others!" Please note that these pages have 35 words or less per page, focusing on the 6 steps for creating Instagram-worthy smoothie art.