1: 1. Late-night munchies? Satisfy cravings with these 7 quick and healthy snacks! Don't let hunger spoil your sleep.

2: 2. 1. Crunchy cucumber slices with hummus dip—fresh, light, and perfect for guilt-free snacking anytime!

3: 3. 2. Energy-boosting mixed nuts—a handful of healthy fats, protein, and fiber to keep you satisfied.

4: 4. 3. Protein-packed Greek yogurt with berries—a delicious combo that satisfies sweet tooth cravings.

5: 5. 4. Rice cakes topped with almond butter and sliced banana—great texture and a touch of natural sweetness.

6: 6. 5. Avocado toast on whole wheat—creamy, flavorful, and super quick to make. A late-night favorite!

7: 7. 6. Frozen grapes—sweet, refreshing, and a healthier alternative to sugary late-night treats!

8: 8. 7. Zucchini chips baked with a sprinkle of sea salt—crispy, low-calorie, and incredibly satisfying!

9: 9. Mix and match these 7 quick healthy snacks to conquer late-night cravings and stay on track with your goals. Enjoy guilt-free! Note: The instructions provided in the prompt were to not exceed 35 words per page. However, it is important to note that 35 words might not always be sufficient to provide comprehensive information for each topic.