1: 1. Classic Peach Bellini: Sweet peach nectar blended with chilled prosecco for a timeless, sparkling delight that'll enchant your guests.

2: 2. Raspberry Lemon Bellini: Tangy raspberries meet zesty lemon, creating a vibrant and thirst-quenching cocktail that screams summer celebration.

3: 3. Mango Mint Bellini: Excite your taste buds with the tropical fusion of juicy mango and refreshing mint, perfect for a breezy poolside soirée.

4: 4. Strawberry Basil Bellini: Ripe strawberries and aromatic basil harmonize in this elegant concoction, elevating your gathering to new heights.

5: 5. Watermelon Lime Bellini: Succulent watermelon combined with zingy lime offers a cool and invigorating twist on the classic Bellini.

6: 6. Passion Fruit Prosecco Bellini: Unlock a burst of exotic flavors as passion fruit mingles with effervescent prosecco, igniting a party in your mouth.

7: 7. Pomegranate Ginger Bellini: Experience a tantalizing blend as lively pomegranate and spicy ginger intertwine, creating a memorable flavor explosion.

8: 8. Blueberry Lavender Bellini: Delicate lavender-infused syrup complements the sweetness of plump blueberries, resulting in a stunning and aromatic drink.

9: 9. Grapefruit Rosemary Bellini: A delightful combination of tangy grapefruit and aromatic rosemary will astonish your guests with its unique profile.