1: Exotic Fruits to Savor Discover 8 rare delights, each unique, From the corners of the world they peak. Unleash your taste buds, a sensory trip, Try these fruits—an unforgettable sip.

2: Jabuticaba, The Brazilian Jewel Obscure and tiny, yet packs a punch, Jabuticaba, Brazil's fruity hunch. Dark berries, like magic on a tree, Wine-like flavor, oh so tasty!

3: Buddha's Hand, A Citrus Wonder Behold Buddha's Hand, a zesty sprite. No segments here, just rind so white. Citrus fragrance will dance in the air, Taste the magic of this citron affair.

4: Mangosteen, The Queen's Crown Mangosteen, her majesty queens. Luscious purple flesh, flavors it brings. Juicy, tangy, and sweet to delight, Tropical treasure, worth every bite.

5: Durian, The Polarizing Beast Durian, divisive among the masses, Odor, potent as it quietly passes. Creamy, pungent, but flavors abound, A love-hate relationship can be found.

6: Dragon Fruit, A Vibrant Delight Exquisite dragon fruit, vibrant hue. Scales of pink or white, sliced for you. Mild and refreshing, subtle delight, Dragon fruit, an exotic fruit's height.

7: Rambutan, The Hairy Essence Revel in rambutan's hairy embrace, Lychee-like flesh, a tropical base. Sweet and juicy beneath the peel, These little gems, a fruity deal.

8: Jackfruit, Nature's Sweet Meat Jackfruit, the giant, fibrous and sly, Texture's meaty, offering its high. Ripe and sweet, nature's candy fair, Tropical flavors, beyond compare.

9: Carambola, A Starry Surprise Carambola, the starfruit so bright, When sliced it shines, a starry sight. Tangy and succulent, juicy and tart, Star-shaped exotic fruit, a work of art. Note: Each page contains a maximum of 35 words, as requested, to create impactful and concise content for Google web stories while highlighting the topic of 8 Exotic Fruits You've Never Heard Of But Absolutely Need to Try.