1: Title: "How to Order Healthy at Chipotle: A Guide"

Content: 1. Customize your bowl: Opt for a bowl packed with fresh ingredients to create a nutritious meal tailored to your preferences.

2: Title: "Step 1: Start with a Better Base"

Content: 2. Choose a nutrient-rich base: Begin your order with a wholesome choice like brown rice, whole grain options, or a bed of lettuce for added fiber.

3: Title: "Step 2: Pile on the Protein"

Content: 3. Protein power: Select grilled chicken, steak, or vegan-friendly options like tofu or sofritas to fuel your body with lean protein.

4: Title: "Step 3: Load Up on Veggies"

Content: 4. Vegetable variety: Enhance your bowl with a colorful assortment of veggies, including peppers, onions, tomatoes, and corn for added vitamins and minerals.

5: Title: "Step 4: Mindful Mixing"