1: Busting Mediterranean Diet Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction. Don't be misled – learn the truth!

2: Myth 1: Cutting Out All Fat is Necessary. Fact: Healthy fats, like olive oil, are essential.

3: Myth 2: It's a Strict, Bland Diet. Fact: Enjoy flavorful meals with diverse ingredients.

4: Myth 3: Mediterranean Diet is Expensive. Fact: Affordable options make it accessible for all.

5: Myth 4: Only Suitable for Certain Cultures. Fact: Anyone can embrace its health benefits.

6: Myth 5: Meat is Forbidden. Fact: Lean meats can be included in moderation.

7: Myth 6: Mediterranean Diet is Difficult to Follow. Fact: Simplicity and flexibility make it sustainable.

8: Myth 7: No Room for Sweets. Fact: Savor desserts, but in moderation.

9: Myth 8: Mediterranean Diet Doesn't Help Weight Loss. Fact: It promotes healthy weight management.