1: Introducing the Cancelled Spinoff Delve into the intriguing world of Suits' four-year-old cancelled spinoff and the challenges it faced.

2: The New Series: A Disappointing Start Discover the biggest issue that plagued the highly anticipated new spinoff of Suits from the beginning.

3: Failed Adaptation: Misaligned Expectations Uncover how the cancelled spinoff struggled to live up to the expectations set by its successful predecessor.

4: Character Development Dilemma Explore the major stumbling block that hindered the new series' ability to develop compelling characters.

5: Lost Connection: Fans' Disapproval Understand how the cancelled Suits spinoff lost its connection with loyal fans, ultimately leading to its cancellation.

6: A Shift in the Suits Universe Witness the challenges faced in creating a spinoff that could maintain the essence of the original legal drama while exploring a new narrative.

7: Unexplored Storylines: Missed Opportunities Identify the missed opportunities and untapped potential within the abandoned spinoff's plotlines.

8: Casting Quandaries: The Mix that Didn't Match Uncover the casting dilemmas that contributed to the failure of the new Suits spinoff to captivate viewers.

9: Legacy Left Behind: Reflections on the Spinoff Reflect on the impact Suits' cancelled spinoff has left on the franchise and its enduring legacy. Note: These page descriptions have been crafted to fit within the given word limit of 35 words per page, while still providing an overview of the biggest issue with the four-year-old cancelled spinoff of Suits.