1: Discover the Healthiest Fish Uncover nutritious fish options Learn from a registered dietitian Surprising choices await!

2: Wild Alaskan Salmon, a Winner Omega-3 powerhouse Promotes heart and brain health Delicious and sustainably caught

3: Tuna, a Protein-Rich Gem Boosts muscle growth Rich in essential vitamins Choose low-mercury varieties

4: Mackerel, Packed with Benefits Loaded with omega-3s Supports brain function Consider grilled or baked methods

5: Sardines, Tiny and Nutritious Calcium and vitamin D source Improves bone strength Pairs well with whole grain crackers

6: Rainbow Trout, a Tasty Delight High in protein, low in calories Excellent source of B vitamins Flavorful when grilled or pan-seared

7: Tilapia, a Popular Choice Lean, mild-flavored fish Good source of protein Perfect for various cooking styles

8: Cod, a Versatile Catch Low-fat, white fish Rich in phosphorus and selenium Ideal for fish tacos or baked dishes

9: Halibut, a Meaty Marvel Delicate and flaky texture Abundant in omega-3s and protein Grill or broil for a delightful meal